Research groups

Charlotte Rich-Griffin

Oxford-Janssen Postdoctoral Fellow (Cartography, Bioinformatics)

Charlotte Rich-Griffin is the bioinformatics postdoctoral research fellow with the Oxford-Janssen Cartography project. She is a computational biologist who specialises in the analysis of single cell experiments and joined the Dendrou group at the WHG in March 2020.

Prior to Cartography, Charlotte worked on the COvid-19 Multi-omics Blood ATlas (COMBAT), specifically focussing on processing, clustering and composition analysis of CITE-seq data. This cross-Oxford collaboration involved profiling of 120 patients with different severities of Covid-19 plus flu and sepsis comparators. The project aim to characterise the clinical heterogeneity and increase the understanding of potentially druggable immune mediators of Covid-19.

Her other work with the Dendrou group has involved analysing experiments that aim to understand how immune cell composition and function can be resolved at the single-cell level in primary human tissues including gut and brain, to help inform therapeutic strategies.

Previously, Charlotte worked at the WIMM researching cancer-specific T cells with Tao Dong and Hashem Koohy. Her work focused on integrating TCR repertoire information with gene expression in order to identify cancer specific subsets of T cells.

Prior to that, Charlotte achieved her PhD from the University of Warwick. Unlike her current research into human immunity, her PhD research focussed on plant immunity. Her thesis "Cell-type specific transcriptomics of immunity in Arabidopsis thaliana roots" was supervised by Professor Patrick Shafer and Dr Sascha Ott.