Kathrin Jansen

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

In May 2019 I started a Postdoc with Dr. Stephen Sansom and Prof. Chris Buckley to work on two projects focussing on healthy and inflamed joints. In one project we are using single-cell RNA-sequencing to advance the understanding of the cell composition of human joints. This work is part of the Human Cell Atlas and funded by the MRC. In a parallel project, we continue our recently published work to understand the contribution of stromal cells in the joint to the development of rheumatoid arthritis.

I have recently completed my PhD with Dr. Stephen Sansom and Prof. Georg Holländer, which was focused on the influence of splicing on central tolerance. For this project, we used population and single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets as well as long-read RNA-sequencing generated using Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT). My PhD was funded by a Wellcome Trust PhD studentship as part of the "Genomic Medicine and Statistics" program at the University of Oxford. Prior to my PhD I have completed an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a masters degree in Cancer Biology including rotation projects at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (Cambridge) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Oxford).