The COMBAT Consortium includes over 200 researchers from various University Divisions, Departments and Institutions.

Lucy Garner

Computational Biologist and Postdoctoral Scientist

Leila Godfrey

Research Assistant in Flow Cytometry and Sorting

Tanya Golubchik

Erinke van Grinsven

Postdoctoral Researcher in Innate Immunity and Inflammation

Hong Harper

Heather Harrington

Professor of Mathematics

Raphael Heilig

Research Assistant - Mass Spectrometry

Svenja Hester

Research Assistant

Jennifer Hill

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Charles Hinds

Professor (Emeritus) and Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine

Ling-Pei Ho

Professor of Respiratory Immunology

Renee Hoekzema

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Benjamin Hollis

Post-doctoral researcher

Jim Hughes

Professor of Gene Regulation

Matthew Jackson

Postdoctoral Researcher in Host-Microbial Interactions

Ashwin Jainarayanan


Anna James-Bott


Kathrin Jansen

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Elizabeth Jones

Research Assistant

Hashem Koohy

Associate Professor of Systems Immunology, Member of Congregation

Vinod Kumar

Informatics Manager

Andrew Kwok

DPhil student

Angela Lee

Postdoctoral researcher

Aline Linder

Laboratory Research Assistant

Martyna Lukoseviciute

Jian Luo

Postdoctoral Scientist

Spyridoula Marinou

Laboratory Research Assistant

Philippa Matthews


Michalina Mazurczyk

Flow/Mass Cytometry Specialist

Simon McGowan

Computational Biologist

Alex Mentzer

Clinical Research Fellow

Yuxin Mi

DPhil Student

Claudia Monaco

Professor of Cardiovascular Inflammation

Simon Myers

Professor of Mathematical Genomics

Isar Nassiri

Postdoctoral researcher

Darragh O'Brien

Head of Structural & Mechanistic Proteomics

Daniel O'Connor

Associate Professor | Head of Bioinformatics

Denise O'Donnell

Clinical Research Operations Manager

Graham Ogg

Professor of Dermatology

Lauren Overend

DPhil Candidate in Genomic Medicine and Statistics

Inhye Park

Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ian Pavord

Professor of Respiratory Medicine

Yanchun Peng

Postdoctoral Scientist

Frank Penkava


Mariana Pereira Pinho

Mathilde Pohin

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Sir Andrew Pollard

Ashall Professor of Infection & Immunity